Sonntag, 31. August 2014

The Baltics

A short spontanous trip takes me to some rather unknown gems at the northeastern end of Europe. The Baltic countries are allready long enough due to visit and easily reachable for a short one week summer end holiday excursion.


A short welcoming drench is luckily soon over and the warming sun comes out to disprove the lousy weatherforecast for the upcoming days.

Some impressions of my first destination; the cozy, medieval town of Tallin, capital of Estonia.

the kitschy castel of Kadrioru

early morning view from my balcony


Daytrip to Helsinki

After a short night, a superfast Hydrofoilferry takes me to Helsinki

On the market with floating sellers and heaps of colorfull berries.

the ride back in the beautyfull evening mood

after the massiv boulevards of Helsinki I'm kinda happy to be back in my easy to grasp Tallin

The last Day in Tallin I spend exploring the outskirts.

new town
with it's funny contrasts :-)

for a swimm at Pirita Beach

the massive Sowjet harbour

in the old prison

living in a box

not to be missed; the Orthodox church on Toompea Hill

Tallin from the bottom

a last view over the rooftops


Instead of relaxing at the beach of Pärnu, as I planned, I hop on a nightbus and take some 850 km's down south to the capital of Lithuania. The least known of the three Baltics, is as usual the prettiest. Or at least the most surprising, as expectations are low.

open air gallery in the Literatu Street

there is probably one of the 
highest density of churches

the cathredal

Nestled in a sinuosity of the Vilneve River, which flows through town, there is the Republic of Užupio. Set up by Lithuanian artist, this congenially bohemian neighborhood, invites with a lot of nice places to be, arts and even it's own constitution, published in the most common languages along a wall on mirror plates.

the constitution

gallery along the riverbank

The narrow streets of the largest Baroque old town of central and eastern Europe.

A day on the bike to get off the center and into the more remote places around.

cemetery in Uzupis

the russian Orthodox Church

view from my hostels balcony

wooden house in Zverynas

Snipiskes discloses some radically differences in one single neighborhood; the highrising office buildings and shopping malls with only people in suits rushing around...

...whereas a stone throw away, there is the dodgy so called Shangai, whith its run down flats, partly unpaved roads and a russian market, throwing one back in the '80s, where I didn't feel to take out my camera

Užupis, obviously my favourite neighberhood, in nice evening ambience.

the freedom symbolizing angel

and down town

Allready reaching the last destination, after another four hour bus ride, I get to the capital of Latvia. This is the largest and livliest town of the Baltics.

first place to visit; the busy Central Market

the massive Academy of Science

and on top of it

Famous for it's architecture Riga offers kilometers of finest Jugendstil buildings

the House of the Blackheads
the Cats and...
Riga by night

on the way to the beach

at the beach of Jürmala

...The End