Sonntag, 2. März 2014

Honeymoon in Tanzania

Subsaharan Africa was long enough on our bucket-list. But it took us a while to decide where to go on this diverse continent. As it will be our honeymoon it's supposed to get something very special, though kind of continuation of our back to the basics around the world trip.
Tanzania, a nation jam packed with colors, different cultures, tribes, animals and breathtaking landscapes, and even just right in the season, seemed to be the best place to start exploring this for us still hidden part of the globe.
The country stretches from the big lakes in the west and south, along the blindingly white sanded beaches along the east coast to the vast plains of the Serengeti in the north where also the 6000 meter high Kilimanjaro towers above the black continent. Furthermore covering rain forests, deserts, wetlands and mountain areas.

local women strolling along the beach of eastern Zanzibar

As soon as we got out of the airport in Stone Town, capital of the spice island, as Zanzibar's often called, we immediately switched on our travel mood again. Escaped as fast as possible the taxi-scams around the airport and hopped on a Dalla Dalla, which is the pick-up like, chronically overcrowded public transport.

the backyard from the little house we have got for our selves

After a long, back-destructing, bumpy ride we finall reach Jambiani, a laidback village at the south eastern coast. The sunburnt, from coral trash built houses are set along a splendidly white beach with turquoise water, which seems not to be from this world.
classical Dhow stranded while low tide

kids never seem bored here

accompanied with lots of colorful locals cheering at them

a bunch of Dhows getting prepared for the annual new years eve race

lizards are found here in all imaginable colors
after operating hours Dala Dalas are changeing to plagrounds

rare Red Colobus Monkeys, found only on Zanzibar

most passengers we once counted: over 30, (not to forget adding the goods)

After a couple of days in Zanzibar, where Kathrin could completely recover from her last minute surgery, taking out the gallbladder just one week before taking off, we are setting over to explore the main land. With the needed energy we first plunge into busy Dar Es Salaam. We walk up and down the hot and a bit dodgy streets of the economic center of the country before we are taking the bus up north two days later.
A 10 hour squeezing and shaking ride, on the back seats of an old and ran down vehicle later, we finally get to Moshi, a town on the bottom of allmighty Kilimanjaro.

the roof of Africa, tallest free standing mountain in the world

From here we do some research to visit some national parks in the northern circuit. Immediately we find a group to join just the day after, visiting our prefered parks, with a to us recommended company.

First park on our itinerary:

Tarangire National Park

cheeky little bastard monkeys awaiting us at the park entrance


an insight in the indigenous life of the Masaai tribe

Second park on our itirenary:


view over the endless plains of famous Serengeti

kitty having breaky

herds of Gnus as far as one can see

Leopard with Zebra for lunch

the King itself does us the honor

flat tyre; essential part of a safari
one of our camping spots where Elephants and Buffaloes passed by and feeded, in sometimes touchable distance
having a sundowner with our lovely safari mates, Tony, Pedro and Kate

Third park on our itinerary:

amazing Ngorongoro Crater

having a sundowner with our lovely safari mates; Tony, Pedro and Kate

sunrise over the crater-rim

Ngorongoro is a huge inactiv volcano crater with an unbroken rim which protects the unbelievable density of all kind of species

when a hunter gets hunted, or the other way round :-)

Hyena caught a Buffaloes tail

After this stunning trip through the parks of the north it is time to cool down a bit and get activ. Lushoto is a lush place in the Usambara Mountains, the perfect spot to chill out a day and get ready to do some hiking.
With Francis, an experienced local guide, and only a few absolutely necessary things we start a several day walk up north.

'helping' some farmers squeezing out cane sugar to make booze

Chameleon land

playing with the kids in some forest where we made a lunch break

religious celebration in Mtae 

view over the plains reaching Kenya and as far as the Kilimanjaro

tailor in Lushoto

 never get hungry on a bus ride

 Back to the coast we spend some days in Pangani, getting more into Suaheli culture and its tough history. Besides we enjoy being back to the coast.

good place for coconut lovers

daytrip to the sandbank of the Maziwe Marine Park

this boat takes us back to Zanzibar; 5 hours on the open sea, 2-3 meter waves. Pale-faced we are glad to finally reach the island

obviously it doesn't take long we get paid off for the suffering :-)

Kendwa Beach

burning off algae and shell to gain speed. furthermore for quickly drying to do maintainace during low tide

Spending some days in Stone Town, we explore the ancient arabic center of town, getting lost in its narrowly winding streets and fill up our backpacks with souvenirs.

Some shots from the Forodhani night marketand along the promenade

Stone Towns is famous for its finely wooden carved doors

Matemwe is the place with the probably most powdery sand in the World, big drawback: our room was full of it too

cycling along the beach

Our last days we spend back in Nungwi at the northern tip of Zanzibar

Masai converted to beach boys